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Carpentry Kos, On the mission of the trees

Carpentry Kos is a family business that offers its customers, homeowners, project designers and public institutions cutting edge quality, custom designs and products made from wood for, more than two decades.

In the process we dedicate the greatest attention to desires and needs of the final user of our products. Only an integrated approach that abides characteristics of micro and macro environment, personal taste, preferences and a lifestyle, may lead to the products and projects that fulfil their long-term mission.

In addition to premium quality, desires and needs of the customer, we raise the added value of our products with integration. Together with suppliers, partners, project designers, architects, companies in related branches, customers and local environment, we strive to implement various development projects related to nature, wood and landscaping.

We believe, that the interlace of knowledge and the integration of experience, while respecting tradition and nature, is necessary for continual development, which is a condition for maintaining and improving the quality of life for all of us.

The mission

We offer the owners of private houses and operators of public spaces designing and implementation of top, custom-made client-based wood products, created with respect for tradition, whilst taking the environment and a vision for the future into account.


With our integrated projects that link educational institutions, suppliers, processing industry and architects and the education of associates and customers, we want to contribute to a higher quality of life in Slovenia. We also want to successfully penetrate the European market using our model.

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