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In Carpentry Kos we devote our highest attention to desires and needs of our customers, since we believe, that only solutions and products, designed with an integrated approach, permanently improve the quality of living. In order to better understand your desires, expectations, taste and lifestyle, we must get to know each other, therefore we invite you to further examine the steps of our collaboration.
How to start?

1. Visiting the web site
On the web site we present our offer. We regularly replenish the gallery of products and renovations with new projects. Browse the web site and maybe you will find an idea or a detail, which you would like to include in your garden.

2. First contact
If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail. Write us your address and telephone number, so we can call you.
You can also call us on +386 41 615 020

3. Information from the field
In order for us to know how to advise you, it is vital for us to know your situation, your house and your garden, or the area, that you wish to rearrange. Therefore, we will ask you for photographs, that you will send to us by e-mail or bring with you on your USB memory stick when you visit us.

4. Invitation to visit
We believe, that for a successful cooperation it is vital to get to know each other, thus we invite you to visit our showroom in Velika Preska, where you will see details of a number of existing projects and learn about various options for the arrangement of your situation. We will also talk about deadlines and investment costs.

5. Visiting the location
Visiting the location, performing accurate measurements of the terrain and a conversation with the customer on the spot of the construction is indispensible before starting. Depending on the type and complexity of the project we will connect appropriate professionals who will gather all the information while visiting for the continuation of the project.

6. Designing
In Carpentry Kos we have years of experiences with designing various structures and elements of outdoor equipment. In complex and extensive projects we regularly cooperate with numerous external project leaders and architects. A good plan that includes actual needs and the taste of customers is the cornerstone of an excellent implementation, which is a condition for the satisfaction of all participants.

7. Implementation
Experienced craftsmen in the workshop and in the field ensure that the implementation is in compliance with the plan, coordinated in quality and within the deadline. Depending on the needs of a specific project, during the phase of planning and implementation we associate with trustworthy partners, members of the business association Naš vrt and other verified co-workers, that replenish wooden elements with different materials.

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